Фанклуб. Поэзия

Only these brown enchanting eyes
can make you blue.
Real love, mind, full of furthest dreams
is blooming inside you
Leaving everything but him behind,
your heart's melting
when you see one of the Nine
And you will never lose your hope
and always will be sure, that one
Nice day you'll realize,
that in the gloomy crowd
you see those brown and charming eyes...
And you will call Him loud. well,
Do you know, what happens,
when all the dreams come true? the
Only answer guy will give, who made you ever blue.


Desire ( Dedicated to Orlando)

If only something will change
if only i'll break the range
my soul will be free
from shit what i see
I wait for alteration
because there's no agression
Because I really adore YOU
And i can do anything for YOU
i can't stand by myself
i can't understand theirself
it's repulsive to stay alone at night
In total dark looking forward to light
I'm going crazy on my own
I'm copeing with my pain alone
My madness now is going on
if only YOU'll be with me someday
All my troubles will go away
I've explained it myself this way
So take me away from this place
to be together all the days
i'm seeing your smile
That's pretty nice
To this while
YOU smile twice
some people hurt me
I rage to them
some people tease me
i just make slam
if only YOU will come to me
if only wonder there will be
I will be the happiest, i swear
because my dream exists everywhere
cause i still wait for YOU all time
i dream and hope YOU will be mine


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